5 Blogs I’m Lovin’

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I just joined bloglovin’ and thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite blogs with you! These are my ‘go-to’ blogs for inspiration, daily. They offer fresh, unique and creative posts which is probably why they are leaders in their various industries! If you see one you like be sure to subscribe so you can stay up to date on their posts, giveaways & events!

1. The Glitter Guide


The Glitter Guide is the best! Full of fashion, beauty, trends, etc. A unique topic they touch on is “Lifestyle”. In their lifestyle category they do “Style at Home” features of some of the most influential and creative woman out there! I am most obsessed with GG’s “5 Things to Try This Weekend” (image above). This weekly feature is perfect for weekenders like myself. I also never miss a “DIY” or “Entertaining” post from GG!

2. Hey Gorg


Hey Gorgeous Events. Need I say more? Hey Gorg is not only the most creative event designer out there but she shares her passion and personality on her pretty blog! What are my favorite posts? EASY! Hey Gorg DIY projects and Hey Gorg Blooms. Both are packed with creativity and color, it is almost impossible not to feel inspired after a blog post from HG. Not the crafty type? Her blog and pinterest activity is enough to brighten any day!

3. Hostess With The Mostess


If you like entertaining and hosting, Hostess With The Mostess is the blog for you! Complete with party themes, coordinating recipes, decor inspiration & free printables – HWTM does not skip a beat when it comes to a party! What I love most are the free printables because they can make any event extra special! HWTM is a keeper!

4. Southern Weddings


Although I always reference Southern Weddings, I couldn’t complete this post without including them! SW is for the wedding lovers out there.. or for the “below the Mason-Dixon obsessed”. SW is the most interactive blog I know of. They stay unique and creative in their content but also engage with their readers daily! Check out their blog for real wedding features, vendor lists, & giveaways. SW is more of a community so if you love social media and pretty inspiration, get connected with Southern Weddings!

5. Camille Styles


Camille Styles is another entertaining and design blog that I love! You have probably seen CS photos all over Pinterest. Her tablescapes are some of my favorite party inspiration! You won’t be surprised when I say that I love CS’s DIY projects and ‘Food & Flowers’ posts the most!

Share your own or your favorite blogs below!

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2 thoughts on “5 Blogs I’m Lovin’

    • Thank you Madi!! I enjoy reading your blog too :) It has been fun blogging my wedding plans, and I can’t believe how fast those engaged months flew by! Excited for the days to come!

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