weekday project: DIY glass etching

I am so excited to share this post! I did my first glass etching project and I am so happy with the results!! These will be perfect for our boat drinks this weekend and a little keepsake for us girls. They would be perfect for parties and weddings! It was just a little tedious because I am a perfectionist when it comes to crafting, but I have a couple tips to share that could make it easier in the future.


Glass Object
Armour Etch (about $8 for a small bottle @ craft store)
Masking Tape
Exacto Knife
*optional: Cricut or cutting machine*

I followed this tutorial and used my cricut to cut out my desired letters. I sealed a strip of masking tape on each glass mug and taped my paper stencil on top of the strip of masking tape. Next, I used my exacto knife to cut the stencil out in the masking tape. (This was the tedious part.. in the future I will buy vinyl strips for my Cricut, then it will cut a sticker version of the stencil I want!) I left the etching paste on for 10 minutes and then put the mug under hot running water. The excess paste and tape slipped right off and that’s it! I am in love!

What do you think?

p.s. I didn’t have time to order paper straws (my new obsession) from my favorite online store, Shop Sweet Lulu so I improvised. I stole a few extra wrapped straws when I was picking up takeout last night, and used paper tape (or washi tape) to add the red stripes! With that, they were perfect for Memorial Day Weekend.

xo T


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